Wanda was a beloved daughter, sister, friend, and artist. She was a bold and talented woman whose perspective was beyond thought-provoking. Her art was confrontational, sometimes uncomfortable, and made us think.

We are preserving Wanda’s uncompromising voice and vision with this site and living blog. For all who knew, respected and loved her, and for those new admirers, we give you the opportunity to experience the force of nature that she was.

RBR G is proud to present a collection of prints from the estate of Wanda Ewing. The majority of the prints featured in this exhibition are woodcuts. The Bougie Girl series, The Dress series and the 100 Hairdos series will all be included, as well as a wide variety of other prints.

The artworks are available for purchase with all the proceeds going to support the Wanda Ewing Memorial Scholarship for UNO Art & Art History students and the nonprofit Roberta & Bob Rogers Gallery programs for printmaking and crafts.

Wanda Ewing was a north Omaha native and was a prolific artist that created thought‐provoking artwork exploring the subjects of race, beauty, sexuality and identity. Her work ranged from traditional print media to painting, sculpture and fiber arts.


Roberta and Bob Rogers Gallery
1806 Vinton St, Omaha, Nebraska 68108

Selected Works…

Bougie – Covers – 2007

Painting – Black as Pitch, Hot as Hell – 2006

Painting – Black as Pitch, Hot as Hell – 2006 

Latchhooks – Tickled – 2012

Print – The Summer I – 2002

Print – Pink Nighty – 2005

Drawing – Video Grrrizz 3 – 2005

Painting – Creamesicle – 2010


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