This weekend I installed some work in the Omaha Downtown Public Library. The director of the space asked me if I would put up work during Black History Month. As much of a double-edged sword that subject is, I really like my friends at the library and they’ve always been supportive of my endeavors, so of course I’ll show. I decided to show an older work that I hadn’t felt had been properly displayed yet. The walls at the gallery are so big, that I hung my Black Catalogue series. The work is simple itself. I made 90 collages using Xeroxed images of the models in Anthropologie’s catalogues. I love that freakin’ store and I love looking through the catalogues that I get in the mail. I’ve kept a lot of them, so I decided to make some work the images. I silhouetted out the figures because I was interested in the gestures. Gestures of “beauty” It’s purely decorative and a lot of fun to make. I decided to display them in a row like a film strip. I think if not in a grid, this is a great way to see them. If anything else, I discovered that it is no easy feat hanging things in a straight line!

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