Growing Up Black Growing Up Wanda – Exhibition

Growing Up Black Growing Up Wanda – Exhibition

Exploring race, beauty, sexuality, and identity, Wanda Ewing’s (1970-2013) art is as relevant today as when she created it. Exhibited for the first time at the Union for Contemporary Art, Wanda’s thesis book (completed in 1997 at the San Francisco Art Institute), Growing Up Black Growing Up Wanda contains both visual and textual documentation of the obstacles/experiences she encountered as a young woman of color growing up in Omaha. The unabashed frankness of image and text imbue Wanda’s work with a raw power and freshness that continues to resonate with viewers.

Growing Up Black Growing Up Wanda is the start of her journey of discovery, love, and acceptance of what it means to love yourself, understand how you look in & at the world, and how to pave your way in it. There will be a show of this work, opening the weekend of Oct 14, 2022, in Omaha, NE, at these three galleries: RBRG Gallery, The Union, and Gallery 1516. We will have a book for sale of her early work, a showing of her Senior Project, “The Book – Growing Up Black Growing Black.”

We will be selling her book for $40 each during the show at The Union. The sale of her book will go to her scholarship at the University of Omaha. This scholarship helps undergraduate art students with supplies, tuition, and books.

Opening the weekend of Oct 14, 2022
RBR G Gallery
The Union For Contemporary Art
Gallery 1516
Omaha, Nebraska

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